At Pace we continue to contribute to the dialogue of Development, sharing stories about the people and places behind the projects.
Where architecture meets the outdoors: In conversation with Tait, SJB and The Plant Society

Fabbrica is a transformative project reinventing Fitzroy living; responding to the area’s industrial past with residences that adapt to your every evolution and communal spaces that foster connection. Pace recently held a panel with local experts from Tait, SJB and The Plant Society, to discuss the importance of the outdoors when designing modern living spaces.

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Fitzroy’s industrious past and inventive future

You’ve sipped a ‘magic’ at Industry Beans, spent an afternoon dining at Marion, and roamed your share of Rose Street Market stalls. Think you know everything about Melbourne’s oldest suburb? Think again. Come along as we take a trip down memory lane at the site of our latest project, Fabbrica.

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Predictions and progress: Opportunities and market insights with Ashley Bramich

From lockdowns and lifted auction rates to fluctuations in market certainty, Melbourne has experienced some of the most dramatic changes in the property landscape over the last four years. Rather than revelling in the punctuated pessimism of news bulletins and rate rises, we turn to the locals, the Melbourne market specialists like Ashley Bramich, for informed insights.

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State of the market
Full steam ahead at our construction sites

With construction rapidly progressing across the city, we are taking you behind the scenes for an update on the buzzing first half of 2023. From Flemington to Blackburn, there’s construction activity in every corner, with significant progress made on-site and no signs of slowing down.

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Project Update
Suburb on the rise: Flemington

Flanked by the Maribyrnong River and a tributary of the mighty Yarra, Flemington is known for far more than being the home of that racecourse. Just a stone’s throw away from the CBD, this is a suburb on the rise due to an influx of newcomers who are embracing the neighbourhood’s city-side locality and multi-faceted character.

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Suburb on the rise