Our business for good partnership — B1G1

We strive to build strong communities for residents and create the best offices for employees. We know that our efforts to improve the world around us go beyond our developments. This is exactly why we have partnered with renowned philanthropic organisation B1G1.

Founded in 2007, B1G1 was established to help businesses incorporate giving activities into their everyday operations. Since its establishment, the organisation has assisted 2,500 businesses worldwide contribute to social causes. Social causes such as supporting marine life, providing equipment for schools in rural communities, and offering adequate housing to developing areas.

At Pace, one of our fundamental goals is to contribute to the lives of those around us. We feel that our progressive efforts should not be limited to the boundaries of Melbourne, but instead should spread to positively impact the lives of families all over the world. After a thorough review and evaluation, we considered B1G1 to be another brilliant cause to partner with.

Rakhee Shah from B1G1 explained how we can all positively contribute to making a difference. B1G1 measures success with an elaborate system that ultimately results in an “impact”.

"An impact, in short, is the smallest quantified unit that we can break down a project into. We take the total cost of a project and divide it by the number of people it can serve, as well as the total years it can last."

Pace has opted to work and support B1G1 on two fronts. Firstly, each month we offset the carbon emissions of each Pace team member by planting trees, rescuing food waste, and providing solar lamps to disadvantaged families around the world. Excitingly, we have created 732,005 impacts to date, and are poised to create even more in the coming months.

Secondly, as we provide residences for our clients in Melbourne, we also want to do the same across the globe. Before the end of the last financial year, Pace assisted in the building of 24 houses in India for disadvantaged families.

With positive initiatives such as this, we strive to leave the world a better place than we have received it. If you would like to help contribute to the Pace and B1G1 work, click here, follow the prompts and be sure to enter Pace’s referral code: BM15578.

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