Pace’s project century: Shane Wilkinson on reaching a rare milestone and the lessons he’s learned along the way

2019 was a significant year for us, achieving the rare milestone of a project century – 100 projects designed, developed and delivered – the legacy of our 27-year lifespan.

Pace of Collingwood, taking pride of place on the corner of Wellington and Langridge Streets, marked our 100th project and is one we’ll always hold a fondness for.
Read on for some words of wisdom from our Managing Director, Shane Wilkinson, on setting up the business for success.

A winning formula

Shane attributes the achievement of our milestone project century to the integrated developer and builder model of the business, along with the committed and highly collaborative spirit of our team.

“To have delivered 100 outstanding developments is a true testament to the strength of Pace’s developer and builder business model, the integrity of our dedicated staff and the much-valued support of our Melbourne community,” he said.

Shaping our fine city

What started as the successful subdivision and construction of townhomes in Melbourne’s Bayside during the 1990s, quickly grew to become one of the pioneering development and construction groups responsible for the multi-res movement.

“Since Pace was established, Melbourne’s population has grown significantly and the way we live has had to evolve quickly,” said Shane.

“We are proud of the role we have played in developing the Melbourne cityscape and making it what it is today.”

Making home ownership achievable

Shane’s early inspiration was born of a desire to establish a new standard of living in Melbourne, creating design-led spaces that would cater to a booming population and allow thousands of locals to realise the Australian dream of home ownership.

“27 years ago, it was evident to me that the city of Melbourne was going to boom, and with that would come changes to the way people wanted to live,” said Shane.

“I wanted to deliver relevant projects that would play a role in cultivating the city’s urban landscape, promote a sense of community and improve the lives of individuals. 100 projects later, that’s exactly what we have done,” he continued.

Melbourne born and bred

We have always remained true to our Melburnian roots. We’ve developed projects across many Melbourne suburbs, including Collingwood, Carnegie, St Kilda, Abbotsford and Ascot Vale, to name a few.

It starts with carefully considering what makes a suburb unique, and then creating spaces and places that not only respect but enhance that uniqueness.

Unlocking Melbourne’s most coveted sites

Shane’s ability to recognise development opportunities and capitalise on a site’s potential has seen us grow quickly, scaling from our humble beginnings into creators of large-scale, multi-residential developments within tightly held Melbourne pockets.

“Pace has steadily maintained momentum, turning out quality developments to respond to the city’s population growth and changing buyer demands” said Shane.

A vision for the future

As happy purchasers unbox their belongings, mount paintings on the walls and get comfortable in their new homes, Pace continues to do as it has always done, approaching the market with curiosity and continuing to ask the question “where to next?”

“We will continue to be proudly Melburnian and deliver quality projects across this city, ensuring each and every one of them meets the exacting standards people have come to expect from us.” Shane concluded.

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