Sunshine - The community of the future, here today

Kathy Jurcic is a westerner through and through. When the chance to purchase one of Pace’s new Riverside apartments in Sunshine North presented itself, she pounced. What happened next affirmed her love for the area - community, kindness, and friendship.

“I’ve lived and worked in Sunshine my whole life. I work at a local school, so I do know a lot of the community.” Kathy states.

The diversity of Sunshine is one its greatest assets. A proverbial melting pot for years with residents immigrating from all over the globe, the beneficial effect of multi-culturalism is on full display throughout the area. Kathy confirms this notion “The people have always been culturally diverse, and we can see the new people that are coming through, which we welcome. It’s always been a warm and welcoming community.”

The variety of options on offer within Sunshine is indicative of the unique charm endemic to the area. World-class cuisine, state-of-the-art leisure facilities and sports precincts, alongside planned major infrastructure improvements – all the while being within proximity to the CBD and Tullamarine Airport – Sunshine answers the needs of its community.

“There’s more than enough in the local area so you don’t have to venture far” Kathy says. She affirms this further. “Sunshine has become a hub – a welcoming hub – which is exactly what I want.”

When asked about her recent purchase and what impressed Kathy most about the Pace development, it was the value for money and quality. “From what I saw of their other buildings, I liked the quality that was on offer. I did some research on some of their other properties because they’ve got such a big portfolio, but I liked what they wanted to do here by introducing townhouses and apartments along the river” she concludes.

Kathy adds “Affordability was also a big factor; I was really impressed by the display suite with the kitchen setup and also the sales team”. When asked what her favourite part of her property was, without hesitation she states, “I absolutely love my kitchen and the doors that open onto the balcony. When you have guests over, you can open them right up, which was a surprise when I moved in. I also adore the space.”

With the bounty of space, Kathy can entertain regularly with ease, providing the opportunity to cement relationships with her neighbours. “One thing that I want to bring up is the amazing community that I’m surrounded by. I have moved in with 30 other families who are just beautiful. The community feeling amongst us all is something that I did not expect.” Kathy says, “There was a stigma for a long time, but I think it’s gone now. There’s still so much potential for growth, development and investment possibilities. However, it’s also just a great place to live. If I could choose anywhere to live, I’d still pick Sunshine.”


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