Local Coburg Character: Aled Evans, Head Brewer at the Coburg Brewing Co.

We spoke with Aled Evans, Head Brewer of the Coburg Brewing Co. about the 3058 area and how it continues to evolve to meet the needs of its residents. All the while maintaining a warm, welcoming atmosphere that continues to be an example of an exemplary Melbourne community.

Keeping a suburb refreshed is not an easy task – especially in Coburg. Aled Evans and his team continue to offer Melbourne’s inner north an eclectic array of beverages that are emblematic of the area itself. “Most of us here, either in the brewery or in the pub itself are locals, so we all interact with the community,” Aled says.

Thanks to this local knowledge and immediate connection with the public, Coburg Brewing Co. can consistently provide a product that is receptive to the area’s needs. The tastes and preferences of the locals are carefully evaluated by Aled and his crew of brew experts; with the ultimate goal of offering something for everyone.

“We are constantly rotating what we are brewing here. Whether that’s lager, big fall stouts, big hoppy IPAs, or fruity sours – we always try to have something a little bit different.” Aled goes on to say that they approach every beverage with curiosity and a sense of exploration – all the while remaining true to themselves. “We try to hit every mark we can without compromising ourselves,” he says.

When asked what inspires him and his team, Aled is quick to attribute their collective passion to their customers. “We’re always talking to our customers and regulars and try to incorporate elements of those chats and create what they want to see.”

With uncompromising determination, Coburg Brewing Co. sources its ingredients from local producers, whether that be coffee roasters or fruit merchants. “We try to work with locals to supply what’s fresh and in season. Then we get their advice as to when it’s best to use it,” Aled says.

These collaborations help maintain a strong culinary scene within Coburg. Aled philosophically surmises how important a strong hospitality culture is to an area. “As they say – a rising tide floats all ships. It just helps people gain more of an understanding about who they’re living around.” When asked if this ultimately helps bring people together, Aled emphatically agrees – “Exactly! That’s what hospitality is all about.”

As for where Aled enjoys eating and drinking in Coburg – when he’s not at The Post Office Hotel, the Coburg Brewing Co. base – he lists a few gems of the area. “Oh man, there are so many different options here. We’ve got little bars like Red Betty, there’s Coburg R.S.L – which is always such a welcoming spot. There’s Mustang Palace, which serves great Nepalese food. Bluestone Barbecue for American barbecue. You’ve got everything in the area.” This embrace of multiculturalism speaks to the acceptance Coburg has always offered its citizens.

"It’s super important to understand where a lot of the community comes from. But it’s also important to understand where the community and the area are heading."

Pace 3058’s village of townhouses and apartments combines this nod to the past, with a vision for the future. Its architecture evolves with each passing day and is set to become immersed in the vibrant community that Coburg is and will continue to be.

Aled concludes with further praise for the area. “You’re so close to the city, there is so much going on with music and arts. Just come on down, it is such a welcoming suburb.”

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