Flemington architecture through the years

We take a look at some of the most influential architectural structures in Flemington. Some of which have idiosyncratic charm, while others follow a utilitarian design philosophy, and how the suburb is shaped to evolve even further in the future.

Flemington’s architecture has evolved significantly with the passing of time. From the extravagant elegance of the Victorian-era to the brutalist utilitarian designs of the mid twentieth century, Flemington’s architecture has followed the desires and necessities of its residents. As we look to the future, we observe the step in the evolution of Flemington and its buildings.

The Darley is set to become Flemington’s crowning jewel, with our much-anticipated project coming to fruition thanks to the dedication of one of Australia’s most renowned design practices. ARM Architecture was tasked with designing a building that was befitting of the area; one that integrates with its surrounds and pays homage to history of this vibrant part of Melbourne.

Thoughtfully designed with amenities and features catered to the needs of its residents, The Darley pays homage to the rich legacy of this historic area. If you would like to learn more about this exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity to live within the grounds of the historic Flemington racecourse, enquire here.

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Suburb on the rise: Flemington

Flanked by the Maribyrnong River and a tributary of the mighty Yarra, Flemington is known for far more than being the home of that racecourse. Just a stone’s throw away from the CBD, this is a suburb on the rise due to an influx of newcomers who are embracing the neighbourhood’s city-side locality and multi-faceted character.

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Suburb on the rise