Hotel living without the check-out

At one time, the luxurious experience of a world-class hotel was unparalleled – that is until now. The Darley by Pace Development Group offers residents an array of amenities that rival the Ritz and surpass the Savoy. We detail some of the features that truly make this development so special for residents.

After passing through a vibrant garden plaza, you enter the opulent foyer of an esteemed structure that blends nature and humanity. You are greeted by an attentive concierge staff who welcomes you with unending enthusiasm. From there, you ascend the elevator to an apartment of unparalleled luxury. You could be at any of the world’s leading hotels, but instead, you are at The Darley; you are home.

The 5-star luxury does not end with the entrance of the building. In fact, it is only the beginning. Residents of The Darley are spoiled for choice with numerous amenities of a world-class calibre on offer. Tremendous effort has been placed into selecting precisely what the eclectic mix of residents would require within the building. The result is a wide-ranging choice of facilities for residents.

For those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, the selection of fitness and wellbeing amenities will certainly pique your interest. The facilities include a gym stocked with equipment from renowned experts TechnoGym. There are additional rooms dedicated to fulfilling all your yoga, pilates, spin workout and personal training needs. The infinity pool allows for a more relaxed form of physical activity, with the added bonus of having an uninterrupted view of the racecourse and beyond.

If you love to entertain, then serving a feast in one of three of The Darley’s dining rooms will certainly impress your guests. That being said, if you prefer to have someone else do the cooking then The Darley’s very own café – with a menu designed by renowned chef Scott Pickett – is for you.

The Darley is set to become a Melbourne destination you’ll never want to leave. For the first time in 182 years, you have the opportunity to live within the grounds of Flemington racecourse. Find out more about this development and its first-rate amenities here.

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