Fitzroy’s industrious past and inventive future

You’ve sipped a ‘magic’ at Industry Beans, spent an afternoon dining at Marion, and roamed your share of Rose Street Market stalls. Think you know everything about Melbourne’s oldest suburb? Think again. Come along as we take a trip down memory lane at the site of our latest project, Fabbrica.

The Fabric of Fitzroy

Originally the land of the Wurundjeri people, Fitzroy is one of the oldest and most-storied postcodes in Melbourne, taking on many identities to become the creative and cultural hub it is today. From fashion to furniture – and even lollies – Fitzroy isn’t just home to some of the “coolest” streets in the world (as rated by Time Out in 2021 and 2022), it has housed just about every kind of business our entrepreneurial city is known for.

While modern eateries, retailers and galleries take pride of place in this suburb today, you need only lift your gaze to notice Fitzroy’s rich Victorian architecture; the trademarks of its past. From traditional terrace cottages to more substantial warehouses, you’ll find that many of Fitzroy’s aesthetically-significant dwellings are covered by heritage overlays; preserving factory façades and an industrial legacy for centuries to come.

At the corner of Johnston and Gore Streets is our latest project Fabbrica, a site that was once trading as the Argyle Shirt Factory. Dating back to 1880, this iconic location has also been home to clothiers and outfitters (1896), bootmakers (1905), fishmongers (1925), mixed-residential properties (1931), handbag manufacturers (1955) and knitting mills (1991); contributing to Fitzroy’s fascinating history.

Made For Manufacturing
The site further evolved to become a destination for manufacturing. Everything from brass, glassware and cabinets (1955) to carpets and flooring (1974) was produced at this industrious factory site, until it eventually became the destination for furniture and lighting showrooms in 2019.

Home Sweet Home
No Melbourne suburb is complete without a bustling dining precinct. From Lune Croissanterie to high-end restaurants like Cutler & Co., Fitzroy has become a destination for exceptional hospitality, coffee and cuisine. From 1945, it was also known for the Life Savers Confectionary Company. The candy factory was once located on the very same site as our latest project, Fabbrica, and was responsible for producing some of Australia’s favourite sweets until the late 1980s.

Icons In The Making
Flash forward a century and you’ll find that Fitzroy is still a thriving hub for emerging designers, innovators and creatives. While its workforce may look different, this postcode remains a bustling hub for students, professionals, musicians and makers, shaping the trends and making their mark on the textured tapestry of tomorrow.

Celebrating the industrious and innovative spirit of the suburb comes our latest project, Fabbrica. Reinventing Fitzroy living, Fabbrica offers a suite of residences that reflect on this postcode’s heritage to inform its future. Adaptive, spacious and transformative, find out how to secure your spot in this storied suburb here.

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