Five years of giving – our partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC VIC & TAS)

To celebrate our partnership's fifth anniversary, we spoke with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC VIC & TAS) CEO Peter Bishop and Partnerships Manager Pippa Wood about our collaboration's positive impact. Our People, Performance and Culture Lead Bianca Becker provided insight into what this collaboration means for Pace.

In the time that Pace has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC VIC & TAS), we have witnessed the life-changing work that the organisation does for seriously ill children and their families in Victoria.

RMHC provides support in many ways, with the overarching goal of offering stability and comfort. One of the most significant forms of assistance is the free accommodation provided for families who have to travel long distances for medical treatments. This offers a home away from home and removes any financial strain that may be experienced as the result of extended stays.

“One of the most important things to us is keeping the families as comfortable as possible. Also keeping their day-to-day as normal as possible while they are going through a very abnormal situation,” said Pippa.

“Families feel supported not only by our organisation but also see that the partnerships with outside businesses have a very positive influence as well,” said Peter.

As a part of our collaboration, Pace’s silver partner status means that we have the privilege of sponsoring specific rooms like the RMHC Monash house kitchen and the RMHC Parkville playroom. Thanks to our partnership, both spaces have been utilised by over 850 families in the past six months, giving us an extreme sense of joy and pride.

Our partnership has also extended to the RMHC 2022 Matched Giving Day. In August, all donations received over 24 hours from Pace – a total of $10,000 – were matched by RMHC, meaning that a combined sum of $20,000 was raised in one day for the charity.

Alongside Pace’s financial contributions, our staff regularly prepare meals for families who are staying at an RMHC VIC & TAS house.

“Two of Pace’s core values are connection and fulfilment, and we feel that our volunteer day at RMHC reflects this. We hope our contributions provide a sense of comfort to the families who are battling serious illnesses,” said Bianca. Peter shares a similar sentiment:

"Groups, like Pace, and the people that work there who also spend time at the houses – cooking meals and stocking freezers – provide very practical and caring assistance to families. All of which is appreciated tremendously by both RMHC and the families."

Our hope as an organisation is that our collaboration encourages people to become involved with the charity.

“Volunteers can help with cook-ups for the families. We also have the opportunity for volunteers to support families as they enter the houses – welcoming them and giving tours or inductions. This helps settle them into the houses, so they feel comfortable and welcome,” said Peter.

“There are also many campaigns, such as our upcoming Christmas campaign – Be A Santa For Sick Kids, or McHappy Day on November 19,” said Pippa.

“But also, touching on Peter’s point, we encourage people to visit the houses and feel what it’s like to be a family staying there. It’s a place of joy. It is a beautiful place.”

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