A conversation with Catherine Brulez-Marion on life inside a landmark building

After packing her bags and leaving Paris in 2018, Catherine has since built a life with her family in St Kilda.

“We stayed in Airbnb’s around St Kilda when we first moved here, so it’s always felt like home. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else,” she said.

When asked what Catherine loves most about the area, it was a tie between culture, community, and connection.

“The best part about St Kilda is the small-town feeling. Everyone knows each other and cares for one other – it’s the place where I feel like the best version of myself,” she added.

A people-person at heart, Catherine has always craved deep human connections and talked of the joy she feels when she can listen to, nurture, and empower the individuals within her network. This is the driving force behind her recent career change from environmental toxicologist to counsellor – no mean feat!

With the bay as her backyard, Catherine’s mornings start with a cold dip at around 6am – a practise she has committed to since the first chill of winter during Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown.

“Starting the day with cold therapy is so invigorating. I meet up with a group of 70 people from all different cultures and walks of life. It’s a rich shared experience – we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and spend a good amount of time laughing it off afterwards!” she said.

When asked what she loves most about living within a building that is iconic both by name and by nature, Catherine responded without a shred of doubt, “the views!”

“My three-bedroom apartment has a 360-degree balcony that captures the most remarkable views. I watch the sunrise with my binoculars and assess the conditions of the water before my morning dip. On the other side, watching the hot air balloons rise above the city towers is truly inspiring,”

As for artwork, she remarked that there’s no need for it in her apartment as the views are a work of art in themselves.

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