Sunshine North — Lakeside

Winged Foot Drive, Sunshine North


Recently Completed

Project Team
Cera Stribley

Cera Stribley architects is a design focused studio, intent on fostering meaningful human experiences through architecture. Striving for impact that goes beyond the physical attributes of each project, Cera Stribley design to improve the overall wellbeing of those who live and work in the spaces they create.

Adele Bates
Interior Design

Adele Bates is a multi-disciplinary practice with an extensive portfolio of residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects. Founding the practice in 2012, Adele Bates has used her extensive background in interior design, her love of creative collaboration and uncompromising values to deliver design-led projects across many sectors.

CJ Arms
Landscape Architect

CJ Arms creates beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses. In planning “landscapes of the future” they bring together functionality, public amenity and innovation, driven by mindful water management and sustainable practice. Their team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and landscape architects challenges the status quo with a sophisticated ecological mindset that aims to improve human impact on the world.

Pace Development Group
Developer and Builder

Pace has been building on the modern foundations of Melbourne for almost 30 years. With over 100 projects across Melbourne and a few awards along the way, we have a rich and proud history in the city we will always call home. And as an end-to-end developer with so much appreciation for the Melbourne way of life, we can genuinely say there’s no other place in the world we’d rather be.