160 Whitehorse

160 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn 3130


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Fresh air, fresh thinking

The streets are alive with lunchtime food choices and places to shop or collaborate over a freshly brewed coffee. Find your local for a power lunch, a quick bite, or settle in for a drink after work. The green precinct’s healthy outdoor spaces and substantial retail, dining and leisure options fill the street with a sense of calm and wellbeing that extends to its developing commercial landscape. Along with the growing presence of global companies headquartered in and around Whitehorse Road’s ‘Golden Mile’, Blackburn has become a popular alternative to the traffic, costs and density of Melbourne’s CBD. For a lunchtime stroll, it’s easy to find a green escape in a neighbourhood renowned for a wealth of parklands.

Project Team
Ascui & Co.

Ascui & Co. Architects have established a legacy as highly regarded designers of projects across Melbourne. Central to their design approach is the ambition to make the best use of light, shape, texture and colour and the integration of architecture and interior design to create inspirational and functional places for businesses to thrive. Ascui & Co. are acknowledged for their quality of professional and personalised services.

Adele Bates
Interior Design

Adele Bates is a multi-disciplinary practice with an extensive portfolio of residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects. Founding the practice in 2012, Adele Bates has used her extensive background in interior design, her love of creative collaboration and uncompromising values to deliver design-led projects across many sectors.

Landscape Architect

MDG Landscape Architects are a highly regarded and experienced practice of 25 fully qualified landscape architects. The work of MDG ranges from broad scale land and strategic planning projects to detailed landscape design, including design and delivery for a large number of residential developments. MDG strive to achieve a balance between environmental considerations and the needs of people who will use and occupy the spaces they create.

Pace Development Group
Developer and Builder

Pace has been building on the modern foundations of Melbourne for almost 30 years. With over 100 projects across Melbourne and a few awards along the way, we have a rich and proud history in the city we will always call home. And as an end-to-end developer with so much appreciation for the Melbourne way of life, we can genuinely say there’s no other place in the world we’d rather be.