A conversation with Damien Cuypers

Renowned and revered within the art community, New York-based Damien Cuypers applies his artistic vision to Pace 3058. Produced in his trademark whimsical vibrancy, his illustrations provide a refreshing interpretation of the local area.

After being approached to provide illustrations to for our latest project Pace 3058 in Coburg, artist Damien Cuypers set a goal to create illustrations that were both inspirational and quirky. “You can find poetry in all of these little pockets all around, in unexpected places,” he says. “It can be the morning light, or a flower blooming through the crack in the pavement”.

Coburg as an area has grown to become that proverbial flower blooming from the crack in the pavement – a vibrant microcosm of culture and life. Damien observed the charm of the area. “It seems like a very special place.” He adds “I think that’s what is also specific with this project, it’s not trying to erase what was here before, but celebrate what was here before, to merge with it.”

Pace 3058 is the next chapter in the suburb’s story. Situated within sight of the old bluestone prison walls, the striking village of townhouses and apartments will become a part of Coburg’s upbeat revival. “I wanted to convey a sense of excitement with my drawings.” Damien says. “I perceived it (Coburg) as a bubbly and lively neighbourhood”, and that this project is for people who “strive for life”.

Damien’s use of colour throughout his illustrations is indicative of this perception. The artist is renowned for his generous use of a vibrant shades. He felt that this aligned appropriately with the area. “I associate Australia with a lot of colour, textures, and, I don’t know, greenery and excitement”.

When asked if there was anything he truly wanted the viewer to experience when observing his artwork, he responds with a chuckle. “Jeez (laughs) I’ve never really thought about that, I do things and people see them.” After a slight pause he concludes “I guess I’m trying to share a little slice of beauty that I’ve observed and convey that – to keep it in time.”

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