Sanctuary indoors – A conversation with Charlotte Henderson, Director of Interiors at Bruce Henderson Interiors

Leaders in the field of interior design, Bruce Henderson Interiors – helmed by Director of Interiors Charlotte Henderson – worked with Pace Development Group to design the public spaces within Pace of Ascot Vale. The goal was to create areas that encourage a sense of community amongst residents and provide a relaxing sanctuary from the chaotic modern world.

At Pace, we know that with any project it is important to address the desires of our purchasers. This sentiment is echoed by Charlotte Henderson, Director of Interiors for Bruce Henderson Interiors, who believes that it is imperative to conceptualise “who the future purchaser will be, what needs and desires they might have, and what the market is demanding at that time.”

With this in mind, Charlotte and her team designed the public areas to best complement existing spaces within the building while also wanting to create a statement in and of itself. This can be observed through the subtle inclusions of terrazzo tiles within the lobby, or the mood joinery in the library quiet zone – as Charlotte surmises, “the goal was to create visual interest within the spaces.”

"We all live such busy lives, so I think designing a public and a private space in ways that allow people to socialise or enhance their sense of self awareness, is more important than ever."

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