Why Pace

Uniquely Pace

Here at Pace we manage and complete the entire development and build process. With design, construction, finance, procurement, sales and marketing and settlement teams all in-house, our customers have peace of mind knowing that we take full ownership for the final product.

Our team 'cross every t and dot every i' through the whole journey, ensuring that each aspect is done to a Pace standard.

Ultimately, you can trust Pace to build what we promised. That’s the Pace difference.

More as standard

It’s the things you might not notice that separate us from other developers.

Each Pace property comes with a…

10 year guarantee on what we deliver.
Dedicated customer care team.
Inclusions some developers consider extras, such as robes, blinds and kitchen fit-out.
Pod and paver system for outdoor waterproofing.
Anti-condensation ventilation throughout.


Commitment from start to finish

Our ethos is tellingly simple and driven by these three pillars. Each helps to shape the final result of every Pace project.


As a dedicated developer and builder our customers don’t just benefit from ongoing accountability, but financial benefits too. Working with one company means reliable and consistent customer care and confidence knowing Pace is still around post settlement to support without delay.


The Pace team partners with industry-leading award winning architects and interior designers. We combine our eye for the big picture with an intimate understanding of what makes a home and a community. The result is well-thought-out designs in thriving locations.


For us, every project is a long-term commitment. We’re available and accountable from start to finish and 10 years beyond settlement. We’re dedicated to delivering everything our customers expect and more.

A Trusted Partner

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