Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned purchaser, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options and intricacies of signing on the dotted line.

Pace prides itself on being different and is happy to respond to the BIG questions with the real, honest answers.   

So, what exactly makes Pace different and why does it matter?


1. We are a fully integrated developer-builder

We keep it all in house so you can reap the benefits.

At Pace, we are responsible and accountable for every step of the design, sales, construction, settlement and post-settlement process, and we never cut corners.

Eliminating the need to outsource means we don’t incur third-party margins or fees, and therefore neither do you. It also allows us to retain independent control of our projects, ensuring the highest level of quality, reducing costs and maintaining reliability.


2. Our experience speaks for itself

We have successfully delivered 100 projects over 27 years.

With almost three decades of experience in off-the-plan residential development, Pace is one of Melbourne’s most experienced multi-residential developer-builders.

Pace has created some of Melbourne’s most iconic projects, including ‘The Icon’ on St Kilda Rd, fondly referred to as “The Lego Building” by locals. The company continues to apply innovation and creativity, pioneering the future of off-the-plan living in highly sought-after locations.


3. We pride ourselves on honesty

100% of all of our developments have been sold, constructed and settled. Our results speak for themselves!

As an integrated developer-builder, we are able to be transparent and upfront with our purchasers regarding every aspect of the development and construction process to settlement day, and proudly walk buyers through their new apartments for a smooth transition.


4. Our customers service is second to none

Our dedicated in-house settlements team keeps purchasers abreast of construction updates and ensures everything is running to plan in the lead up to settlement.

Upon settlement, the Pace Customer Care team is on hand to help resolve any issues logged through our custom-built app.


5. We have a strong focus on sustainability

Pace is committed to protecting and preserving our environment.

Pace proudly recycles 80% of construction waste and is constantly adopting news ways to reduce our footprint.

All communal areas in Pace residents utilise rainwater for irrigation and solar power, while apartments feature high quality and efficient appliances.


6. We have raised the bar on value

Pace provides purchasers with inclusions other developers consider upgrades.

We don’t expect our valued customers to pay extra for the things they’ll need to be comfortable and satisfied with their new homes.


7. Pace customers have peace of mind

With an impeccable history spanning 100 projects, a commitment to honesty and transparency, a customer-first approach, and an enduring commitment to the communities in which it builds, Pace is and will continue to be proudly different.