On the 8th of March demonstrations across the globe will celebrate the achievements of women for International Women’s Day. In honour of this, Pace Development Group’s Sales and Marketing Director, Danielle Titterton answers eight questions on her success in property.

1)    You’ve been Pace Development Group’s Sales and Marketing Director for almost a year now. What attracted you to the role, and what does it entail?  

I’ve always been obsessed with property and wanted a position where I could talk about the product I was representing, and never get tired of it. That’s what drew me to Pace.

Day to day the role is a combination of advocacy to our executive leadership team and empowering our sales and marketing managers to chart their path. If you have a leader who gives you agency, it inspires you to come to work, so I strive to give that opportunity to my teams wherever possible. 

2)    What do you enjoy most about working in property development? 

Having something exciting to say on the weekend! I love talking about property. It’s the most relatable subject because it affects us all. Every weekend we have people over and end up with a focus group of friends with opinions about property ready to go. 

3)    Is property development a good industry for equal opportunity?

Development is ripe for equal opportunity. In our industry we are either designing, building, or selling something that is emotive. No matter your gender it speaks to human needs, therefore, it must be human centred. 

The only way to humanise a development is to have a mix of genders behind the engine that drives it. I’d be horrified if someone drove past a Pace building and said, “well, that’s obviously designed by a bloke.” If we did that we’d be alienating half our audience! 

4)    What can men in property do to better understand the importance of gender equality?

I feel fortunate to work in an era and an organisation where men are making a point of seeing things from women’s perspectives. 

About 15 years ago in marketing we were all putting ourselves in the “customer’s shoes.” We learned so much about our purchasers through it, and it’s great to see the same approach applied internally. At Pace, we have strong male leaders willing to put themselves in the shoes of our female employees.

5)    Can you describe the culture at Pace for me?

It’s exciting. We’re going into uncharted territory in terms of product, brand and execution. That really encapsulates Pace; a company full of people who are curious, who don’t want to settle when we have the capability to excel.

Our teams are cohesive. We solve problems collaboratively, owning our outcomes and resolutions. Yes, we build amazing buildings, but our execution is equally as seamless.

6)    What is your business philosophy?

Keep it simple, don’t procrastinate, and the obvious answer is usually the right one. It’s an uncomplicated approach - and it works.

7)    How have you seen the gender balance change in property in your time?

It has changed, but not fast enough. The hardest thing facing women is how few female role models have visibility at a senior level. I was fortunate early on in my career to have an exceptional mentor. Despite this person being a senior executive, he approached the opportunity as one where we could both learn from each other’s unique experience. 

That’s where the balance has to be struck. We can end up looking at gender equality as something that’s only advantageous for women, but all genders are set to benefit from shared knowledge.


8)   What woman in business inspires you?

Kathryn Fagg. She worked at BlueScope in a variety of executive roles when I was starting out in my career, and she was always my mentorship “white whale.” She’s just exceptional. Humble, diligent, and prolific.