Here at Pace, we’re always looking to celebrate the local artists, makers and creators that define Melbourne’s rich urban fabric.  

Most recently, we commissioned leading street artist David Booth, who operates under the pseudonym @Ghostpatrol, to create a mural at our Pace of Ascot Vale development.  The result was a heartfelt homage to the location, with an important message about protecting its heritage.
We recently sat down with David to discuss the project.  

What was your inspiration behind the piece?

I wanted to create something that would celebrate the local community surrounding Pace of Ascot Vale. The piece showcases a handful of bird species native to the City of Moonee Valley, highlighting the breadth of beauty to be found in our city environments.

What is the meaning behind the chosen bird species?

Featuring a lorikeet, duck and kookaburra, amongst others, the piece signifies a commitment to understanding and implementing measures that care for our local, natural environments.

Like these birds, we stand united together, looking forward to the future having learned, acknowledged, and progressed from the histories that came before us.

How long did it take you to complete the piece, and what techniques were used?

I completed the piece in one week. It’s the tallest artwork piece I have ever created, and it required the use of a swing stage to gain access at that height. Pace was exceptional in terms of ensuring my safety - hanging off the side of a building is not something you do every day!

Overall, Pace was wonderful to work with from early design concepts through to the completion of the piece. 

What were your project highlights?

The community was extremely welcoming and enthusiastic throughout the process. Locals would strike up conversations, take photos and give a thumbs up. It was nice to have that kind of positive interaction while working.

Also, I arrived on site in the early morning hours each day. The views of the sun rising over the city were nothing short of spectacular! 

What’s next for Ghostpatrol?

I have an exciting piece coming soon to the Melbourne Zoo, along with some upcoming projects in Japan once the borders open back up. 

Collaborating with Pace again would definitely be something I am open to – watch this space!