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Proudly Melburnian

A team of passionate Melburnians, we’re proud to be part of its fabric. Melbourne is an amazing place and there’s nowhere we’d rather live and build.

Everything we do aims to support the people, communities and marketplace of the town we choose to call home.

With over 27 years’ experience and 100 sold-out developments delivered, our commitment is clear.

Like a well-executed hook turn, we’re designed to keep this city moving.


Change your view

At Pace, our view is it’s always time to change – to question what’s expected and challenge the status quo. It’s a curiosity that brings us together and sets us apart.

Our pursuit of excellence is driven by purpose – through reason, experience and insight gathered from new perspectives.

We’re not here to follow trends. We’re here to design, construct and deliver buildings that set them and stand the test of time.

Change your view with Pace Development Group.

Our Projects
Meet the team

Shane Wilkinson

Managing Director

As Founder and Managing Director, Shane brings a lifetime of industry experience to a multimillion dollar company that continues to be a leading example of innovative business practice. As one of the industry’s key influencers, Shane’s achievements are widely acknowledged in finance, business and urban design publications and is sought for his honest appraisals of Melbourne’s property scene. Shane leads by example. At Pace his energy and unwaveringly high standards inspire everyone around him to bring their best to the table. Through perseverance, creativity, expansion and diversification, he has made the most of industry highs and lows to define a new standard of living in Melbourne.

Steve Baird

General Manager

Steve is exactly what Pace is all about. He unites the team through his genuine desire to achieve excellence across all facets of the industry. Steve commenced his career at Pace, working onsite as a labourer, then foreman, site manager, project manager and construction manager before recently being appointed General Manager of the company. His initiative and drive for change is motivated by a need for tight coordination and precision. His work on high calibre projects is not just about the results but the processes used to get there. Through a constant cycle of review and refinement, Steve has helped develop specific systems to optimise operations and to grow Pace’s core competencies.

Ashley Bramich

Sales and Marketing Director

Ashley’s extensive experience with large-scale, complex developments provides him with a unique perspective to drive growth and innovation at Pace. Over the course of 29 years, having started his career in real estate sales before moving to property marketing, Ashley has cultivated a keen business acumen and innate understanding of what matters most to homebuyers. Time and again, Ashley has applied these consumer insights to shape some of Australia’s most exciting developments having held senior sales and marketing positions for BPM Corporation and Glenvill before taking up his role at Pace. Ashley is extremely passionate about empowering Pace’s people to deliver outstanding outcomes at all points over the journey, from acquisition through to delivery.

Dimitri Siriwardena

Chief Financial Officer

Dimitri has a wealth of experience through the finance industry and ensures Pace’s long term forecasting and cost management for project profitability is second to none. His day to day direction of the finance department means that each member of his team is focussed towards this same goal. Having previously worked across property developer clients in his role with Pitcher Partners prior to joining Pace, Dimitri has a level of understanding of the industry that few other do. His enjoyment and satisfaction in his role is obvious, as he thrives on the success of both his team and Pace.


Our in-house architecture team work alongside leading Australian designers. Processes are flexible and problem resolution is simplified with the best outcome ensured.


Our build team are at a world standard, effectively coordinating trades to execute on all construction stages, from predevelopment to delivery. All within budget and timelines.


Looking ahead to our next project while managing all the complexities of those that are underway is a fine balancing act, but our development team have mastered this art.

Customer Care

Our professional full-time team of eight trade specialists reinforce our commitment to maintain the quality of each development.


We have a dedicated partner joinery factory and team means that Pace are able to ensure all finishes in our buildings are to the Pace standard.


Managing the complex process of settling and buying properties is made that much easier thanks to our dedicated legal team. They ensure this process is not only easy for Pace, but all our customers.

Sales and Marketing

Knowing what you want is always front of mind for this team. By doing this they are able to create and sell developments that are relevant for todays buyers and those in the future.


Space, our in-house leasing agency, is here to provide a dedicated service to Pace purchasers. They know how great a Pace property is, and want all our tenants to feel the same way.


Unsurprisingly our finance team is always busy. From managing revenue flow and cost projects, to processing payments across all departments, they cover the gamut in a world class manner.

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