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Respecting The Land And The Community

Appearing On The Northsider - Published February 2017

Respecting the land and the community - Finally, a developer who gets it

A low-rise masterpiece in Collingwood that speaks to the true soul of Melbourne.

PACE is showing a massive amount of respect for the land and the Collingwood community. They have brought together aboriginal artist Yarramunua, Melbourne street artists Elle and Vexta, and the social enterprise Co-Ground.

This city is marked by a generous heart, great street-art, amazing coffee, and mouth-watering food. It is a blend of old and new: not afraid to be influenced by other cultures, but never forgetting who we are or where we have come from.

Melbourne’s homes and architecture are beginning to reflect that confidence and ambition to be a beacon of the extraordinary.

"New apartments with an old soul" is how Pace Development Group describe their latest project, Pace of Collingwood, a residential development of only 79 apartments.

They have teamed up with social enterprise Co-Ground which will occupy a space in the building with prime street frontage. Coffee and pastries will be dished up with a social conscience as 100% of the profits will go to charitable funds.

Todd Nicholls of Co-Ground explains, "We believe social enterprise is a great way to support our education and livelihood projects and we’ve had some incredible partners and donors come on board who feel the same way. It’s been an amazing journey working with Pace in this collaboration. We can’t thank our partners Five Senses and La Marzocco enough, along with all of our individual donors from our crowdfunding campaign."

Co-Ground support community driven projects throughout the Asia-Pacific. Their current project is in Vanuatu’s Epi Island where the community has identified the need for a safe place to teach, and a library to tackle illiteracy. The $70,000 project is led by Co-Ground, with key supporters including Rotary International, Rotary Club, and with guidance from the Vanuatu Ministry of Education.

Marketing manager at PACE, Andrew Crichton said "We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Co-Ground. Not only because they make spectacular coffee – although that’s obviously a bonus – but also because of the important work they do with communities to improve education in developing nations. We believe being socially responsible is just as important as being fiscally profitable and corporate responsibility is a key component to being in business in the modern age".

The theme of community extends right to the design of the Pace of Collingwood apartments too. There will even be a "pocket park" on the rooftop of the development that encourages people to mingle and create a meaningful community.

This Saturday, well known aboriginal artist Yarramunua is performing a traditional blessing of the land ceremony at 11:30am on site (corner of Landgridge and Wellington St in Collingwood).

Yarramunua has dedicated his life to raising awareness of Aboriginal Culture through a series of activities: painting, art craft maker, didgeridoo performing, traditional dancing, acting, clothing design, public speaker and healing. He believes that this new availability of information on Aboriginal art and culture creates opportunity for people to learn, understand and appreciate and respect the Aboriginal culture.

Article originally published on the Northsider

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